Edugarden Scientific Journals Call for Paper

Editors of the global journals provided below are calling for submission of manuscripts:

Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies in Education

International Journal of Educational Studies in Mathematics

Journal of Individual Differences in Education

Journal of Interdisciplinary Education: Theory and Practice
Edugarden Scientific Journals Call for Paper

The Journals are international, peer-reviewed, non-profit, professional scientific journals that accept manuscripts related to the field of education. The journals are published online quarterly/biannually. The articles submitted should be either in English or Turkish. The authors should follow publication ethics strictly. Welcoming articles from different institutions and countries, the journals are publication of EDUGARDEN and are supported by Educational Researches and Publications Associations (ERPA). There is no submission or registration fee. Free membership is required only for submissions. 

Typically, editorial decisions are made within five days of submission and the review processes in each journal lasts in one month and papers are published online within only two months. 

We welcome your submissions via each journal's web site and for guidelines on manuscript submissions please visit each journal's web site. 

We are also recruiting reviewers for the journals. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, we welcome you to join us. 

Dr. Şenol BEŞOLUK 
Dr. Ercan MASAL 
Dr. Hüseyin ÇALIŞKAN 
Dr. İsmail ÖNDER


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